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community development block grant programs

Sponsored by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the CDBG program aims to build viable communities by providing critical services to the most vulnerable, supporting neighborhood and community improvements, creating jobs for low- and moderate-income residents, and fostering projects that create and maintain affordable housing.


The flexibility of this CDBG program provides communities in Utah County with resources to address a wide range of unique community needs.


Each year Lehi City invests its CDBG allocation in projects that improve neighborhoods, serve residents, and strengthen the community.


MAG administers the CDBG Small Cities Program for Summit and Wasatch Counties in coordination with the Utah Housing and Community Development Division.

For more information about our Utah County and Lehi CDBG Program contact:

Jessica DeLora
Program Director
P: 801-229-3831 E:

For more information about our Summit and Wasatch CDBG Program contact:

Debby Lauret
Program Manager
P: 801-229-3691 E:

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