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The flexibility of the CDBG program provides communities in Utah County with resources to address a wide range of unique community needs. Use the links below to see how the CDBG program is benefiting your community or to find the resources you need to manage a successful grant project.

Santaquin City Demolition

CDBG Santaquin City Demolition 

Santaquin City will be using CDBG awarded funds to demolish the old Jr. High/City office that were built in 1935. The project is located at 45 West 100 South and 55 West 100 South in Santaquin City, adjacent to the new Santaquin City Hall, Library, and Chieftain Museum. The dilapidated state of both buildings has made them a safety concern and a target for vandalism. While the city has looked at alternatives, the high cost of refurbishment to the two attached structures has made demolition the only practical option. CDBG funds will be used for the demolition and the hauling off debris as well as the preservation of utilities to the attached museum. We invite members of the public to comment on the project. 

For more information about the property please click on the button below. If you would like to comment on the project please email csaldana@mountainland.org. 

We will be accepting comments until October 31, 2023.


Grantee process and files checklist

The grantee process and file checklist will keep you on the right track to complying with program requirements and managing a successful project.

Reporting and Reimbursement

Find out how to successfully report project accomplishments and request reimbursement.

Labor Compliance

Access resources needed to comply with labor compliance requirements for construction projects.

Environmental Review

These resources will guide you through the environmental review process for your project.


The 5-year Consolidated Plan identifies community and housing needs, market conditions, and program priorities and goals.


The Annual Action Plan details projects and activities for the upcoming program year, along with expected resources and outcomes to fulfill the goals of the Consolidated Plan. 


The Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report summarizes the performance of the previous program year’s activities. 

For more information contact

Debby Lauret
Program Manager
P: 801-229-3691 E: ced@mountainland.org